Mooncrest – Elderroot Forest, The Elves


I know, I know I tease all of you with this photo before, with details soon to come, but here it is. The Details you need to know about the Elderroot Elven Village/City. Let me say first of all, if you have seen any attempt at a wood elven tree village this has to be the best, it’s not laggy and Nicca put this together without flaws. It has rentals within it, and has been one of her original designs for years now! Yeah it’s prim, but honestly I want to see a mesh creator make something better. I think it could be done, but I wouldn’t bet on anyone building something soon.


From the castle ruins the entrance is here, it’s blendy into the nature, but it works.


And here we go….

“Within the Elderroot Forest- The most noticeable icons are the Elder Twins. History speaks of them, long before the elves were banished from Lymurid”

Some highlights here were the leaves weren’t spread into oblivion so when you walk up into the trees you will not get too lost because you can’t see your avatar because of the leaves. Also the stairs and walk ways are large enough for two standard avatars to walk by each other. I remember the one tree house house from LAO is hard to pass by someone without falling to your death. And then as well, no one wants to die… not anyone I know well.

“A healer hall sits lowest to tend to any of the forest or beyond that seek aid”



“Near the top nestled in the topmost branches sits a council chamber where many of the woodland sorts gather to keep the forest and vale well tended.”


“With their return they have only been lightly pruned and encouraged by druids and plant tenders alike to support housing and other structures that there be life within their great boughs once more.”



“In the upper forest, around the massive roots of the Twins lay the younger but still old forest where one can find all manner of forest dweller”


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