16901569_1901720970040914_137634035_n Credits:
Hair: [RA] Nora Hair – Fitted
Head: SOMEMORE / SaeBom Mesh Head – 01
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Fiori~ Emerald Eye
Nose chain: Kibitz – Agda nose chain
Under Shirt: Le Forme Jian Top Xiu
Sleeved Shirt: *Sweet Kajira* Iddun Jacket black
Coat: !gO! Ginko – cloak
Gauntlets: TSC Battle Warrior Gauntlet RARE
Pants: Vinyl – Enya Ballet Leggings
Boots: TSC Battle Warrior Boots RARE


After my complete break down I lost a lot of confidence in my appearance; I felt as small and lost as a dwarf that actually was almost pretty. I took that feeling and made it into a rp character. This is Minchyo, I am impressed that I got all the tops to meld together in layering well. It’s a total surprise it did! Granted I have some clippage.

The Clippage can be explained though; I’m using a Maitreya body, and I had to really edit my shape to make Minchyo super short. (dwarf size) and so even if I still have a Maitreya body on, the clothes fit just perfectly; short a few clipages. This I know because I have a regular size avatar; the same outfit fits her perfectly.