snapshot_056Almost Cinematic is the development of Mythril, Silk and Story which was here to provide RP users of SL a place to learn about great ways to mix and match modern to look medieval. (as long as school permits). I still do that; but as the blog has grown and developed I learned that I couldn’t limit myself much to just Medieval wear. I kept being told I had to figure out what my blogging signature was. the friend that got me into blogging has her own style. She’s got this constant look you can recognize her work. Deoridhe Quandry the blogger of Prim Dolls always has her signature rainbow wings. And I wondered what my signature was. I tried to be an elf. It didn’t turn out well I  like to diversify as much as I can!

My signature was presented to me by Ella, the owner of =Brush= and that’s that the work I produce are almost cinematic. I have a desire to use what tools there are on SL to make things look almost real. Almost like it came from a movie. 

What does it mean about Mythril Silk and Story? – nothing much except a wider range of things that are blogged and covered. Maybe better pictures. Finally I know what I’m doing. 

To be featured in Almost Cinematic just contact me: Aki (akidutch resident) and I can get a photo shoot started and look at what you have to display and your story!