Mooncrest Vale, Tour – Faliri River Mere areas.

“Below the Twins runs the Faliri River, cascading down the face of the cliffs that hide the entrance to the Fae Hollow.”



All along the riverbed Mer are known to roam, from the ocean beyond and further inland.

Snapshot_108Snapshot_106Snapshot_100Snapshot_099Snapshot_095Snapshot_044Snapshot_103Snapshot_098    I’m not going to lie, I am seriously considering making a mer-character for the first time for this sim. I know it’s a simple river, but it’s integrated within each rp area. Nicca wasn’t shy to allow mere to go places.



Mooncrest Tour – The Community, class time


It may seem like I’ve been dancing around Mooncrest without a sign of any other life forms, but it’s not. I’ve been taking photos in the wee hours of the night when everyone is already sleeping or gone to work. But I’m not innocent, I have spied on the others in this community, I’ve asked to take their pictures. And now I’d like to introduce you to a few.

I’ve been to a lot of ooc meetings before for ic reasons and for ooc discussion. I remember I used to go to a lot of them when I started rping on sl, and continued until the end of the ‘old’ days of roleplay sims and I learned things. I stopped going to them when the people leading the meetings were repeating information I already new, and the people leading/teaching were not teaching, they were just c/p notes taken by someone else, or they didn’t know how to ‘teach’.

The second day of my time on sim I was invited to the ooc healers class. I was hesitant a first, but I thought the only way I was going to get to know the community was to go to the community events. I’m glad I did. I learned more in Ashildr (mystybaker) ‘s first aid class for an ooc meeting about medieval first aid than I have in three years in SL Roleplay ooc classes.


Just a few of us in the first aid class

Of course that’s not to say sim combat classes are not somewhere you learn things, in fact if you can get into your sims combat class do it, combat is the place where you will likely screw up majorly if you don’t understand a sims combat system.

I won’t give up too many of the things that Ashildr offers in her classes because then you wouldn’t need to go, but a few points that I think the incoming possible community needs to know about the sim healers system itself.



In class we reviewed two different aspects of healing and first aid, rp basics of first aid and healing for roleplay. And lastly details about each. I’ve left a lot out of her lesson below, simply because I think she does a better way of teaching, and I think any roleplayer should attend. Mooncrest is so fortunate to have such a good teacher with them. And so the two we reviewed :
►1) The divine side of healing
►2) the practical side of healing

It is important to understand that the different disciplines [cleric, shaman, druid, ranger medic, paladin..] will see injury and illness differently.(Ashildr, 2017)

1) Clerics, shamans, druids – will all say some sort of prayer/perform ceremony or ritual before and during healing. This is often times to call their deity, spirit, or elements to aid them, but its also thought to help cleanse space and bless the person before they begin to do practical healing.

2) We tend to stay away from magical potions (in RP) for healing. The reason is, we want people to RP together.

3) There is cause and reaction in play with healing.

4) Be familiar with realistic complications and realistic healing techniques.

All of these points are super important, and often now healers on sims rely on clerical healing, and forget the realms of realism within healing. I often too often see healers click their fingers and you’re healed. I’ve always since then resorted to playing characters that demand to be healed by a practical healer, because I love to see people to put together their knowledge of how to heal things naturally.


The class got to a point of questions so I pursued the  question that can make or break a sim sometimes.

[2017/03/10 17:50] Ashildr (mystybaker): Any questions on the divine side of healing?
[2017/03/10 17:50] Alva: maybe both divine and the first one
[2017/03/10 17:50] Alva : can any of the classes resurrect characters?- with or without assistance?
[2017/03/10 17:51] Cora Zeami: Good question

[2017/03/10 17:51] Ashildr (mystybaker): Healers have the ability to resurrect but that would fall under the “Major” spells in our rules. Let me pass that to you

[2017/03/10 17:51] Alva: okay good to know ^-^

[2017/03/10 17:51] Siocritter ( May I interject from an admin point of view? Whether a character or not can resurrect is very much a character by character thing. Some healers can, some can’t, and yes it would be a major working regardless. Also, not only those classed as healers have that ability necessarily.

[2017/03/10 17:53] Niccia Straaf: wouldn’t recommend someone like Fay raising you though… she’d probably steal your soul or some such lol

[2017/03/10 17:53] Siocritter ( Yes, read the fine print
[2017/03/10 17:53] Siocritter ( I would also advise, just like with healing, always check with the player via a quick IM
[2017/03/10 17:54] Siocritter ( some may not wish to be, for whatever reason, so it would simply not be successful if you tried
[2017/03/10 17:54] Siocritter ( and now *goes back to sitting quietly* I’m done hijacking your class 🙂

[2017/03/10 17:54] Ashildr (mystybaker): Also, there is some benefit to joining a guild and ICly learning to resurrect.. but that doesn’t mean someone unguilded can’t do so. We all have our spells and abilities but within a guild, it (using the term loosely) would involve some sort of team work – e.g. being mentored ICly



Cora Zeami


Sio (Admin extraordinaire)

I might mention above are two players (one is our admin) but two others were present I forgot to take a picture of Nicca, and Raz another player was there too, but she hid under her alpha simply because Raz is a big dragon, and would make you look at her leg or ass in the smaller than her classroom.

Mooncrest – Elderroot Forest, The Elves


I know, I know I tease all of you with this photo before, with details soon to come, but here it is. The Details you need to know about the Elderroot Elven Village/City. Let me say first of all, if you have seen any attempt at a wood elven tree village this has to be the best, it’s not laggy and Nicca put this together without flaws. It has rentals within it, and has been one of her original designs for years now! Yeah it’s prim, but honestly I want to see a mesh creator make something better. I think it could be done, but I wouldn’t bet on anyone building something soon.


From the castle ruins the entrance is here, it’s blendy into the nature, but it works.


And here we go….

“Within the Elderroot Forest- The most noticeable icons are the Elder Twins. History speaks of them, long before the elves were banished from Lymurid”

Some highlights here were the leaves weren’t spread into oblivion so when you walk up into the trees you will not get too lost because you can’t see your avatar because of the leaves. Also the stairs and walk ways are large enough for two standard avatars to walk by each other. I remember the one tree house house from LAO is hard to pass by someone without falling to your death. And then as well, no one wants to die… not anyone I know well.

“A healer hall sits lowest to tend to any of the forest or beyond that seek aid”



“Near the top nestled in the topmost branches sits a council chamber where many of the woodland sorts gather to keep the forest and vale well tended.”


“With their return they have only been lightly pruned and encouraged by druids and plant tenders alike to support housing and other structures that there be life within their great boughs once more.”



“In the upper forest, around the massive roots of the Twins lay the younger but still old forest where one can find all manner of forest dweller”

Mooncrest Vale – Elderroot Forest, the Underdark

“Beneath the Foothills, darkness thrives. A darkness that is just that, but also a way of being.”

Snapshot_112Welcome back, as we continue our Tour of Mooncrest Vale, based on my original tour of the sim the first time I went around. I literally fell down the hole unknowingly into the underdark.

Taxi: Mooncrest Vale

Are you a drow, are you a shady folk? Well The Torchlight Market is for you! It’s an area underground just for you to lure prey into, buy a pretty necklace for a pretty lady!


“Look at this! Yes! Heh, heh. Combination hookah and coffee maker, also makes julienne fries. Will not break!”


“Lightless ones favor the softly glowing depths and others favor the Torchlight Market where the hearty adventurer can find all manner of artifact and odd food, even a nice choice of weaponry.”

Snapshot_120Snapshot_118 Yes there’s a tavern for all your blood wine needs, equip with a kitchen, maybe they serve Julienne fries. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge


“Urgl, the herb lady, can be found keeping shop there and her wares suit the shadows well. Venturing further one must be well equipped to see well in the gloom or else bring a torch or two for in lower caves linger darker folk still. “


Snapshot_132Did you get lost, there’s even an inn to stay at, Or to put your captive in… who will know if it’s night or day?


Somewhere in the twisting tunnels and caverns lies a temple to darker gods and crypts where no one living remembers the names of the interred….. I encourage all of you to go find it for yourself


Taxi: Mooncrest Vale



Mooncrest Vale – A tour/review on the Re-Opened sim.


Port Endings Village – Port Side

Welcome to Mooncrest Vale where I will be Roleplaying, blogging, chilling out for the majority of it’s time until something happens or it won’t. Mooncrest Vale is the Sim you’ve known someone was going to open but you had no idea when. This sim is dare I say ‘Old school’ and no I’m not talking SL old school Gor. I’m talking the magical moments of Secondlife old school role play sims, magical stories and a group of roleplayers who create stories not for the sake of leveling and being known in sim, but to just make a story. The good ones that until kind of recently closed due to something and scattered most of you to the wind.

Taxi: Mooncrest Vale


In the Elderroot Forest

I saw the Mooncrest Vale advertisement in RoleplayFinder Group, and I on a whim after Reign of Fire had to close because too many people were leaving and going back to Realms of Fire and Ice Game of Thrones Sim, I was in need of something genuine and most sims I’ve been floating around on I’m not a big enough fan of to write home to my mother to tell her about it.

I’m glad I opened the all in one note card one of the admins sent out. I came to the sim, through here and found Nicca already standing there in the welcome center, the sim looked dead, but granted it was some time in the afternoon, when people often have school or work. I was there at a weird time. I thought about going down to the sim without a sim tag and just walking around. I probably didn’t because Nicca was there.


Second Section to the OOC Landing Zone area

But when I did in my usual skeptical way (because when your best friend in rl and sl is a sl creator and expects soo much from sims and points out all the flaws, you become a mini him when looking around sims.) I toured I toured this sim from top to bottom I think almost like I was looking for a flaw to turn me off, but what I found was something I haven’t been as excited for since Ehruhi was going to open. Let me take you on a almost flawless tour of the Roleplaying sim Mooncrest Vale.


First Section of the OOC Landing Zone

First lets review from the landmark I’ve provided you you will end up in the landing zone, it looks rudimentary from the top, but follow that arrow downstairs you’ll understand in the photo above there’s much more to meet the eye. The First Section (that you see just above this paragraph)  Mooncrest have all the contacts up here just in case you have a problem, or question etc. Downstairs if you’re new to the sim or rping in medi-fantasy/rp in general you are offered free Roleplaying outfits for males and females etc!

Here on the Second Floor you find all the information about the sim, the rules, the lore, the races etc. You find free outfits, the sim HUD, the Sim group joiner. And to your right up the stairs you can find a small gacha store!


The gacha store is supported by players and admins of the sim. Administer and Sim Decorator Sio is the organizer of this and maybe the representative of the mass amount of gacha’s. Still they are quite cheap prices and it brings anything in the store or donation literally turns into something new for the sim or goes to tier.


Going back out to the second section if you go down to the stairs on the left down the stairs not up them, we come to the sim TP’r and the rentals section. This is where the majority of the adventure starts for you and I both!


The first option on the TP’r is at the Castle Ruins, near the Elderroot Forest the elves, the underdark and the fae woods! I was still skeptical because this castle was the first thing I saw and I didn’t think about looking back, I was impressed on how gentle and over grown the castle was. From here I’ll provide you with some of the Sim lore about each place I introduce to you, these will be separated into individual blog posts all together. This post hosts part of the Elderoot Forest and the castle ruins.


   I cannot express enough that the pictures… though I took my time to capture the amazing build done by Niccia Straaf, cannot do as much as you coming to see this sim yourself. There’s more than just what I took pictures of. 


The castle are old ruins from some distant elven past, very distant….


Though some unknown sorts have tried to at least keep it up somewhat, keeping the water flowing for the fountains since it is a source of water for creatures and people.


It used to be a castle overlooking the coast but it was destroyed by invaders long ago…



Hair: Lamb. Easy Easy @ The Arcade
Visor: *pm* HoloVisor: Plasma – Seafoam @ Twisted Hunt
Shirt: Vinyl – Andi WorkiT Top Maitreya V2
Tattoo: [AR2 Style] Black Soul Tattoo
Sim: LEA16


Let’s go old school with some of this AI stuff, so Paper Moon, Sohma has wiggled back to the futuristic output she came out with this sweet Visor availible in six colours. I decided to check out a featured sim with this piece and go old school, did anyone else watch Andromeda the Last Ascendant?  and Rommie’s background? Well here you have it a reference to my nerdyness. Thank you Sohma for wiggling out my first sci-fi tv show I fell in love with.