Mooncrest Vale – Elderroot Forest, the Underdark

“Beneath the Foothills, darkness thrives. A darkness that is just that, but also a way of being.”

Snapshot_112Welcome back, as we continue our Tour of Mooncrest Vale, based on my original tour of the sim the first time I went around. I literally fell down the hole unknowingly into the underdark.

Taxi: Mooncrest Vale

Are you a drow, are you a shady folk? Well The Torchlight Market is for you! It’s an area underground just for you to lure prey into, buy a pretty necklace for a pretty lady!


“Look at this! Yes! Heh, heh. Combination hookah and coffee maker, also makes julienne fries. Will not break!”


“Lightless ones favor the softly glowing depths and others favor the Torchlight Market where the hearty adventurer can find all manner of artifact and odd food, even a nice choice of weaponry.”

Snapshot_120Snapshot_118 Yes there’s a tavern for all your blood wine needs, equip with a kitchen, maybe they serve Julienne fries. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge


“Urgl, the herb lady, can be found keeping shop there and her wares suit the shadows well. Venturing further one must be well equipped to see well in the gloom or else bring a torch or two for in lower caves linger darker folk still. “


Snapshot_132Did you get lost, there’s even an inn to stay at, Or to put your captive in… who will know if it’s night or day?


Somewhere in the twisting tunnels and caverns lies a temple to darker gods and crypts where no one living remembers the names of the interred….. I encourage all of you to go find it for yourself


Taxi: Mooncrest Vale




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